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My website

Images and YouTube


If you're already using the recommended style "LeetScape", you've probably noticed it's currently using a fixed-width layout, therefore all larger images will be squashed (oh no!), but don't worry, with slightly modified LightBox technology they'll load perfectly, here's a little example (click the image below):

error: image http://s7.postimage.org/cr17z8qq3/3hu030.png cannot be loaded.

Fancy eh? Simple I know, and you've all probably seen it before, but it's simple and does the job.


It's also very easy to add a YouTube video, click the YouTube BBCode button when writing a topic or posting a reply then simply copy the URI in between the two YouTube brackets.

error: image http://s1.postimage.org/s3fv2tv0v/youtube_example.gif cannot be loaded.


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