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I believe everyone must have a soft spot for the six-petalled thing dancing in the sky? Indeed, this fluttering snow flakes throughout the ages. Inviting countless literati Mo Ke to bend down, but for us, it seems that there is no such charm. Because we only care about-"play". Last year, my hometown ushered in another Ruixue, long-lost snow, I haven't seen it in a year, I want to die! Wake up in the morning, where are all the familiar and familiar colors-how white. Looking at it, I couldn't help feeling itchy, and such a good opportunity should not be missed. I immediately called everyone to go out and play with snow Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Walking on the road, the sound of "creeping-creaking" at the foot, maybe the prelude to heaven for the carnival held later. I was even more excited, running and jumping along the way. The trees beside the road were covered with new clothes, silver, but this was the gift that Snow Maiden brought to the trees. Pieces of green leaves were embedded in the ice cubes by her, and they were crystal clear, like crystals adorned with a tree! This must be the legendary fairy tale crystal kingdom. Everyone is here and we are divided into two groups. They are all rubbing their hands in preparation for the upcoming snowball fight. The game started ... no good, our side started unfavorably, the battle was just started, our captain was shot, and I saw her big red dress instantly blooming a white flower Parliament Cigarettes. Huh, later when you cry! However, our next form is not optimistic, the other side is approaching step by step, we have no room to fight back. Looking at the enemy's sly smile, I was extremely angry. "Depending on what is tolerable, which is unbearable"! No, there must be some strategy. By the way, I quietly approached the captain and told her what I thought. She immediately agreed, I was instructed to lead the three team members slowly around the enemy's rear, and now, haha, they can't fly! We caught them off guard, and the captain immediately launched a counterattack. As a result, we can imagine that our group won. Sometimes, bravery alone is not enough. Then, we built yet another snowman, who was just an enemy on the battlefield. Now, we are partners. We used a shovel to shovel a big snow pile, put a snowball on it, and the prototype of a snowman was born. But there are still some small steps-using a broom as a hand, a carrot as a nose, two buttons as eyes (how gleaming), and a hat. Ok, finished! The more you look at it, the more comfortable you are. This is the crystallization of our labor! In the winter, we all sweated Newport Cigarettes, even though our hands were frozen red, but it was so cool. That time, I was really happy to play! So looking forward to next time
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