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you, what a bad

you, what a bad environment I don't care; because I miss you, I I often wear wind, rain, risking my life, climbing trees, playing pine nuts, just making more money, going to the south to see you or marry you. However, just before you and I are holding the warmth of warmth. When I miss you, you are crying through the sea that I have never seen before, and you say: You have fallen into the bottom of your adult wife��s heart, and you have to let go of your thoughts. The years have passed quietly, and I am also an adult husband, an adult father. Because of life, I had to work only south, and after a few turns, I ran a few times. I finally saw the sea. A windy and sunny morning, facing the sunshine, the sea, I almost exclaimed! The blue sea Cigarettes Online, the endless sea, the open sea, I finally stood in front of the sea Finally, I can get close to me - the sea tourists I dream of, such as weaving, sitting or standing or running wild, reveling in the scenery of nature; all kinds of seabirds, or low flying or singing, singing Their own songs. Groups of small fish like an appointment, join in the fun to gather in the shoal, play; shrimp, crabs slowly observe the left and right, leisurely and leisurely appreciation of the opposite sex. Conch and some do not know the name, Although, there are good-looking ripples on the body, thinking that their worth will be very high. At this moment, they are remorseful that they have no opinion, they have chosen the wrong direction, and they have been left on the beach and become the scenery of others. Yes, I am running on the beach, picking up I am walking in shallow water, knowing that I am not dreaming. I finally got into it - the sea that I think about the night! I have not seen the turbulence of the sea, I only see the tenderness of the sea. Listen to the poems of the sea. The words, the readings of the sea are busy, the tides rise and fall, the tides rise, like people, fail again and again, and again and again, fight again and again. The sea! I want to roll the waves like you, to the more Climbing high in the middle, your girl's face is in sight, you and I are in the stream beside the willow tree, put the little feet in the cool clear water, let the fish bite, caress, that You can't help it, you can't help it, smiled and bent your eyebrows, and smacked the water with a small foot like a jade. The water splashed on your face and body, and the fish ran away. You used it delicate. The soft and petite hand smiled and wiped the drops of water on my face. The stream just calmed down and the fish continued to swarm Parliament Cigarettes. You naughtyly wiped the drops of water on your face with your back, and the expression on your face changed strongly. You resisted, from time to time, with a small fist, I was not a strong chest. I looked at you with a silly smile, forgot to accompany you crazy, forgot to accompany you, and I wanted to hold you in my arms. At this moment, flipping your parting words to the other side in my mind Marlboro Red, I am more eager to think You, I think, I don��t know how to cross it, this one can��t see the sea. Gradually, my thoughts are free. Imagine that you are on the other side. As I am now, I am looking forward to my name. Only you are the one I am more eager to love; only you are the light sail I hope; only you Marlboro Cigarettes, only you, make me forget! At this time, facing the sea, it is like facing the goddess of the Queen Mother with the silver enamel, even the gods can not cross the sky. Also like the moral bottom line that you and I can't cross. I stand in the shallows, looking far and wide, the gray sea seems to be connected to the sky. where are you? If you want to see, you can't see it; see, just for the eternal thoughts. I became anxious, and walked back and forth uncomfortably. I put my hand on the pergola and looked at my neck. where are you? Can you hear it, I call it from my heart! Although I called a thousand voices Carton Of Cigarettes, I called them thousands of times, I didn��t see you echoing, I only heard the sound of the sea retreating. Sometimes, retreating is not timid, but accumulating power. For the next more effective charge, I suddenly remembered Jingwei. The sea and the Yugong moved the mountain. I have to learn them, either bridging, or reclamation, or building a ship to build the largest ship in the sky. To build the largest ship, what ditch and gully, wind and lightning, will be a horse Pingchuan. Even if you are at the end of the world, you and I can easily meet each other. Therefore, I want to build the largest ship in the world - the ideal ship.
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