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It is a large flower pond

It is a large flower pond with a big old banyan tree. It is the most popular summer vacation place in the square. It is the favorite study room for the readers in the evening. It is the happy valley where the friends play and play. It is a couple��s couple telling The hall of love! It is my sustenance for your deepest thoughts! Ruiping, do you remember? I in your life - whether wood and wood remembers the spread of branches, the green leaves embrace spring and summer, the green color is like the drops of green tears, the autumn wind blew brings people not the leaves but the erratic, even so We still like to go to the big banyan tree in the hot summer to enjoy the cool Marlboro Red, chat, play, if the afternoon is a little breeze, the sun is no longer so glaring, I like to grow up with the old friends who took this "Yi Lin" in the pool Look at the afternoon! Do you remember that the early summer is my favorite eucalyptus time? The little girl in a white dress in the string of jade is sprinkling a few petals on the wind. A faint glutinous rice scent is so floating, very light, very Quiet, like a melodious piece of music on the staff, combined with the breeze of the beat and danced! I took a deep breath, it was very satisfying, and the fragrance melted into my heart. In the blood, it brought a coolness to the hot summer. The scent is not pungent at all, and the flowers on the green belt of the far road are so pungent and unpleasant as the flowers of the arborescens trees. It may be that the flowers of the lobular niece are more thorny. Nose! At this time, the only old banyan tree in the square would say with special enthusiasm: "All the things are rare, the eucalyptus is only one of me, and of course you like me!" However, the big banyan tree is kind, and we gently embrace it in its arms! I will never forget that scene. We are chasing under the big banyan tree. Finally, we are lying under the banyan tree and playing with the leaves. We make a young promise: "We have to be good friends for a lifetime Marlboro Lights, but you have lost your words! You are not I hate people who are fatter and fatter? How can you lose your words Carton Of Cigarettes, don��t be friends with me for a lifetime, just leave me like this, go to the other side of life, remember that we will also go to the grass behind my yard to play with our friends. House, stone scissors, sapphire... She is a very special girl with few opinions. She always has her own opinions about things, but she does not always express her opinions to people. She is not not good at talking. She just didn't want to say, she didn't want to say Marlboro Cigarettes. When I first met her, I asked her why didn't you talk about your thoughts? She smiled and said: "I know it, why do you have to say it?" "I was so curious at the time, I was speechless. Yes! Why do you have to say it? Then we are all silent and correct, and I am the kind of person who is difficult to calm down, I feel that the atmosphere is frustrating, I also Trying to find a topic to deliberately talk to her, but she always replies: "Hey, um, oh. "This monosyllabic word. I am impatient, I feel that I am boring, and it is not so noisy. It didn't take long for Ruiping to take the initiative to speak to me. I am very happy! I am excited to answer her words." Suddenly she smiled, she laughed casually, and the crisp laughter suddenly sounded so I didn��t know why. And her next words made me happy: "I still like what you are talking about, I think you should not be quiet." People! "At the time, I didn't know why she said it! That smile came to my heart, sweet and sweet! I think that she laughed deeper than the gesture. I want to get close to her, understand her mood and kind." Exploring desires. Just, everything is too short. When you leave, I don��t even have tears! I am too thin! I don��t care enough about Rui Ping��s death, it��s dead because I��m working because of my parents. Transfer, so transfer is a commonplace for me. I have been familiar with it. Ruiping was only known to me in the sixth grade of primary school! Ruiping, a young man who looks mean, ruthless, and has no smiling eagle. The eyes, and a tall hawk's nose, are not like a lady at all. However, her body and manners are so decent as a good show, the upper class ladies! When she first met her, she only thought she was a story. The girl, especially wants to be close to her, but she doesn��t know how to communicate with her. She is actually just the inner enthusiasm of the outside to burn me! She was crowned because she had a long-term father. The second generation of the term! But I don��t know why, I just like her very much, not because of her family background, not because she is beautiful, just because she is quiet, I can��t wait to know what she is like under the quiet appearance. So I took the initiative to approach her and said, "Can we go home together?" "At that time, I was particularly afraid of her rejection. I also comforted her with a smirk and comforted her. "Haha, if you are not convenient, it doesn't matter, hahaha..." I found out more and more embarrassed! I scratched my head and continued to smirk and cover up my embarrassment, just as I turned around: "Okay! together! "The short four words made me happy and took her hand in a squatting way and said, "Really? "Before the cockroaches disappeared with her answer, we went to school together, went to the cafeteria to eat together, discussed the topic together, argued that it was red-faced, and even had a fight, but it didn't happen after a while. I used the same hand to sing songs and laughed together and went home together! Looking at the same magazine together, eating the same bag of potato chips together, making all the hands are potato chips, together with the same apple, slow Slow, we are like shadows, doing everything together. Later, the classmates and teachers also saw that any one of us didn��t have to ask another one. If we didn��t have one piece, we would think that we were quarreling. The results are good. Every time I have poor grades, I ask her to help me to focus on them. I ask her to help me with cheat sheets. Although she refuses every time, I still help me with cheat sheets every time. Sometimes I am wondering: "Your grades are so good, and I love to play, and the results are not good. Is it a special downcast with me? "Rui Ping's savage swearing: "You are fucking, stupid! It��s because you are lively and enthusiasm, just because you are very comfortable to play with you! How do you think about something messy? "I know the wrong words, I heard her answer is happy and sad! Very tangled! Happy because she is angry because she is angry Cigarettes For Sale, she will be angry and represent her or care about me, sad, I found myself thinking too much, but It��s hard to think about it! Maybe it��s because the word ��home�� stays in the environment for a long time, it��s hard for me to talk about it! Others�� husband and wife are respectful, good and loving, family It��s fun! And I, huh, huh, it��s their punching bag and cumbersome! Who can I say to them? The heart is ideal. Ruiping sees me in a daze, thinking that I am angry, and said: ��In fact, I have no friends, I Every time I am alone, they are not willing to play with me. It is because my dad is an official, thinking that my grades are all fake, and I am not pleasing to the eye. I am willing to play with me, either because there is something to help, and you are different..." After listening to her words, I found that I was so weak, so I was so gentle with the heart of a villain! I felt more and more humble, and she was I am more and more aware in my consciousness! But I don't dare to tell her, I am afraid that once I say it, I can no longer be friends! I hope she can give me a heart, but I can't do it, then what qualifications? Asking her? But these thoughts are swept away quickly, and I have returned to the hahaha. After school, we will go to the school��s canteen to buy an ice cream and slowly walk back to the classroom! When I secretly played with a flower rope, or played a game of jumping, I spent a lot of time, so that we spent the junior high school together, and she was admitted to the local key high school because of her excellent performance, and I It��s just a school in a third-rate school, that is, a school that specializes in breaking the iron and iron in the local dialect. My achievements, even the degree of contempt of primary school students, can be squeezed into the top class in our school, so I can think about it. I

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