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LeetChecker - No Longer Supported


From the date of 17/04/2014 (April, 17th 2014). LeetChecker will no longer be supported or updated.

I have taken the decision to cease production/maintenance of this software as I simply do not have the time to keep the program maintained at the level I would like it to be maintained at. I'm sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Once again, apologies to anyone who's affected by this.


    Minor cosmetic (visual) changes.
    Fixed Dynamic Signature (Grand Exchange) display.
v2.0.0 Initial release
    Huge makeover both visually and internally.
    Now unsupported, last release before v2.0.0


LeetChecker v2
    Both the visual and coding side of LeetChecker has had a overhaul, visually it looks more like a RuneScape app again.

    Search the Grand Exchange for official RuneScape prices without even been logged into the game.
    List all the required information such as item ID, name, current price and type (Members or Free).
    Item name given in full-item detail.
    RuneScape theme.
    Last time the Grand Exchange was updated with GMT explanation.
    Enhanced parsing method making it faster and more efficient.
    Full item descriptions (minimum, middle, maximum prices, item picture, graph of progression in price).
    Dynamic signatures for Grand Exchange items with HTML and BBCode.
    Refresh the full-item page.
    Re-check the last Grand Exchange update time (in case of an update).
    Item counter to show how many items your active search has successfully parsed.
    Tool-tip facility which shows if an incorrect search was given.
    30, 90, 180 day graphs available at a single click.

If you're looking for an exact item try typing the item name with the quotes (example: "blue partyhat"), it works with any item as long as you have the correct name, if you don't it won't retrieve anything.
You can also use the * symbol to search for part-named items (example: run* will search for any item with the word "run" in it).

What actually is LeetChecker?
    It's a smart, nimble, lightweight program that searches the Grand Exchange with a simple click of a button.

    Windows operating system (98+)
    VisualBasic runtime installed, link here.
    LC+ files, link here.

    The link to download LeetChecker is here.

External Result Source
    For those of you who would like to create your own price checker or IRC bot, you can use our results for free by using the query below;


http://www.leetscape.com/content/itemdb.php?query=[item name]
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